This 8 WEEK PARENTING INTENSIVE is playfully centered around the idea of taking a flight or a trip. 

Maybe you are worried about your child’s future, COVID has left you feeling locked up and disconnected, or the idea of traditional school doesn't feel quite right for you or your kids, jump aboard this adventure train to discover another way. 

We'll explore conscious parenting to connect more deeply, uncover the trust in ourselves to make intentional learning decisions & joyfully experiment with more self direction.

Next course starts in September 2022.


Say no more. I'm in.

What can I look forward to as a family?

You'll start to experience fresh new ways to approach parenting, know your children on a profoundly deeper level, and learn to self-direct as a family, joyfully & intentionally.

  • You'll learn new things about your  children; their interests, desires, values and motivations.
  • You'll see new things in yourself as the process reflects back to you as a parent.
  • You'll see how it transforms your family as each member self-directs their lives but in the unity of a family.


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What's included in the Journey:

  • Next course starts September 2022
  • 24 detailed sessions 
  • Activities, prompts, articles and assessments to guide you through the exploration
  • 6 group sessions (what is this?)
  • 6 BONUS sessions, Pre-Flight & Evaluation
  • One personalized 90min '1 on 1' Reflection Session 
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course material.
3 months of Interactive, experiential learning (valued at $2550) - all for $1200 USD.

Save time and money. Don't spend thousands of dollars buying multiple curriculums, making home learning rooms or buying multiple apps or courses for your kids, get the foundation first that will guide you through making informed decisions for your family. You'll thank me later!

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Monthly Plan

$450/ per month

for 3 months


Full Payment

$1200/ one payment

save $150



This Mindful Parenting & Joyful Learning course has been years in the making. It’s rooted in my own family’s experience but also based on interviews, case studies, and research. I’ve taken great care to put it all together in a format that is intensive yet digestible.

I care greatly about your experience throughout this journey.

If for any reason, it falls short of your expectations, I’d love to have an open conversation where you can share your thoughts and feedback. If you're still unsatisfied or don’t feel as though you and your family have benefited from the course, I’d be happy to discuss a refund or an alternate solution.

Sign me up!

I am ready and committed to find deep connection within my family, to embrace joyful learning intentionally and intuitively, and develop the self trust to make mindful decisions to guide myself & my family. 

This is an adventure that I am ready and willing to take. (even if it makes me a little nervous!) Bring it on!

Yes, I'm in.