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Wondering what the New Paradigm of Parenting is all about or what Mindful Parenting really looks like at home, start here.

Explore, have fun, get curious.

Free 1hr Workshops

We offer two pivotal 1hr workshops; an Introduction to the New Paradigm of Parenting & Understanding Core Values. Each workshop dives into Mindful Parenting giving you useful, practical tools to start your journey.

Intro to the New Paradigm of Parenting

How is the role of a parent changing? In this workshop, we'll dive into how parenting is evolving and explore the differences between the old and new paradigm and how it applies to our daily lives.

Next Workshop - Feb 2023

Exploring Core Values in your Family

When we understand what is important to us and our kids, it is easier to create a thriving family environment. We'll dive into how to define our core values and what impact this has on our family. 

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Free Guides

Download these PDF guides to review and explore in your own time. Each one offering useful, practical tools to apply to get you on your way to Mindful Parenting & Intentional Living.

Intro to the New  Paradigm of Parenting

A 7 page, 5 min read on how our role of parenting is changing. We'll dip into the evolution of parenting, mindset, and the old vs the new paradigm. A great starting point for anyone!

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Intro to Self Directed Learning

What is Self Directed Learning really? Here is a quick intro - 6 page, 5 min read. It dips into what it is, what is unschooling, and what are the myths and benefits. If you are considering Self Directed Learning, this is a must read. 

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Questions to Ask to Engage your Kids

If you are looking for quick ways to being more engaged and connected, this is a great starting point. Use these simple questions with your child, your spouse,  or your friends. You'll be amazed at the results.

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Watch these Videos for Inspiration

These videos have either inspired me or been created by me. Watch them to stir the creative juices of your soul.

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